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Heightened long-term volatility has made it even more critical for financial firms to equip themselves with tools and solutions that effectively manage their x-product funding risk and cost base.

This includes the urgent need to effectively manage exposures, capital, collateral, funding, liquidity needs and all associated operating costs.

In parallel, firms are reassessing their macro financial objectives and constantly searching for new ways to grow profits, by minimizing their cost base and identifying new revenue opportunities.

And that’s where we see firms turn to Clearing, which still offers a raft of untapped opportunities to take advantage of.

Key Clearing growth areas we see, but are not limited to:

• Sponsored Repo Clearing
• X-Product Collateral Management
• Pre-Trade Funding Analytics
• Initial Margin Optimization
• Growth of FX Clearing
• Digital Clearing Solutions
• Enhanced CCP Connectivity
• Operational Efficiencies


Driven by our domain and transformation expertise, Tonic are in a unique position to accelerate your firm’s X-Product Clearing TOM.

We quickly define and deliver customized solutions to optimize profits, by navigating through the complexities involved and across business lines.

Through our flexible set of Clearing service modules, our Tonic specialists can quickly understand your firm’s current operating model and future needs, then define a tailored Clearing TOM in line.

We can also take the TOM delivery off your hands, to ensure expedited execution of the key changes and the new target state.

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