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Now more than ever, all financial firms are giving intense focus to their ‘total cost’ of doing business.

Nowhere should this be more relevant than within the Custody domain. Even medium-sized financial organisations can have tens of Custodian providers around the globe, each providing services to different business divisions of the same firm.

Often these legacy relationships have been in place over decades, without close review of fee schedules, service terms or service standards. And now with an ever-increasing burden of post-trade regulations, the market’s dependency on Custodians continues to get stronger. Based on our hands-on experiences, there are huge opportunities for cost rationalization and other efficiencies within a firm’s Custodian relationships.

In addition, there are genuine prospects to significantly improve a firm’s Custodian operating model, via access to new services and higher service levels to drive profit increases.


At Tonic we have the expertise to accelerate the Custody TOM of any firm. Our specialists already come armed with the domain and transformation expertise to forensically analyse the current Custody footprint, then quickly recommend the target state, customized to our clients’ specific business needs.

We break our Custody TOM services down into a flexible set of three service modules:

1. Health Check Analysis
2. TOM Definition
3. TOM Delivery

Come speak to us for an exploratory chat to find out more about how we can help your firm.

Check out our Custody TOM Case Study with Mizuho here.

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