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Why we changed our name


Previously you knew us as Margin Tonic.

But the reality is that we outgrew our Margin roots a while ago now....

To understand why and how, it's worth us stepping back and explaining how our business has evolved in recent years.

The Early Years

It’s no secret that when we founded Margin Tonic 4 years ago, we were focused on helping accelerate our clients’ objectives across the Margin & Collateral domain, via our expertise-led services.


The clue was in the name….we tried to make it easy for you guys!

It was merely a coincidence that we also sounded like a well-known drink ;)


There has been so much recent evolution across the Collateral market that, when combined with the Collateral & Post-Trade expertise of our Co-Founders (Chris Watts & Craig Pearson), it was an obvious starting place for our business.

We were also totally dedicated to pairing our expertise with an entirely client-centric approach.

This involved doing the best by our clients, always.

By combining our market-leading expertise and client-focus we were able to define and deliver high-quality, tailored Collateral solutions for our clients, independently and without bias.

We also ensured that we always remained agile, flexible and worked at speed.

These principles acted as the foundation for the business, providing a superior consultancy service model for our clients.

We became an Anti-Consultancy Consultancy. Anti-generalists. Anti-inaction. Anti-routine.


Early clients liked our service model.

These early adopters quickly expanded to dealer banks, smaller banks, major custodians, buy-side firms and service providers.

What services did we provide our clients?

Client engagements covered a wide spectrum of client objectives, including regulatory compliance, end-to-end infrastructure transformation, target operating models, vendor selections, strategy & vision, industry benchmarking, expertise-led training and More.

Tonic Evolution

Our clients appreciated the outcomes we accelerated for them, often with direct commercial benefits.

They also enjoyed our personal, client-centric approach. 

The end result?

We built trusted, long-term client partnerships, based on the success we brought them.

In turn, organically our clients asked us to help solve More problems for them.

New problems, across a far wider set of domains and services. 

So guess what? We did.


For several years now, we have been accelerating tailored solutions for our clients across a far wider set of domains.

This started with domains and products that inter-connect directly with Collateral.

Domains such as Custody, Clearing, Settlements, Treasury, Funding & Optimisation, Risk and Legal.

More recently we have been helping our clients across a set of newer industry domains, including game-changing growth areas such as Digital, Sustainability & Climate.

At Tonic we genuinely now provide our expertise-led services across the front-to-back trade lifecycle.

Our Approach to Growth

We sometimes get asked how we successfully expand our consultancy services into new domains.

Before stepping into any new domains or services, we set ourselves a non-negotiable rule - We will not dilute either our expertise-led USP, nor our client-centric approach.

As a consequence, we always ensure that we accelerate our clients’ business objectives, via the right solutions for them.

So we grew.

We brought in a new set of specialists.

Specialists who would further expand Tonic's domain and transformation expertise.

Something our new specialists also gave us, and our clients, has been x-product coverage.

Whether derivatives (OTC bilateral, OTC cleared, exchange traded), securities lending, repo or more, we now have the expertise to support any client need.


Just the 'Tonic'

Back to our name.


It’s time for our name to keep up with our business.

We are now Tonic.

We are an expertise-led Capital Markets Consultancy.

Our name now reflects the domain coverage that we already support and our ability to bring our clients More.

More Transformation.

More Customization.

More Agility.

More Speed.

The outcome for our clients of partnering with Tonic?

More Expertise. More Trust. More Achieved.

Our Domains and Services

A couple of things to clear up about our domain coverage....

We haven’t forgotten our Margin & Collateral roots.

No way.

Collateral will always be a core domain for us.

Today our Collateral services continue to expand and are now provided via our ‘Margin Tonic’ domain module (see our Domain visual below).


Also….our domain coverage doesn't stop here.

At Tonic we will continue to grow our domain coverage organically alongside our clients' evolving needs, step-by-step and without diluting our principles.


We’ve already come a long way in our first 4 years.

But our vision is for Tonic to become entirely domain-agnostic, able to accelerate expertise-led solutions for our clients across their full Capital Markets business.

See some of our key Tonic domains below.

You can also click here to visit our Domains page, for more information.

Also check out our Tonic services below and click here to visit our Services page.

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