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TOM Acceleration

Acceleration of your firm’s target operating model (TOM), via expert-led definition and delivery of tailored solutions.

It feels like a never-ending conveyor belt of change within Capital Markets.

Firms are continually having to uplift their TOM via end-to-end infrastructure change, to meet regulatory, commercial and efficiency objectives.

However, there’s now a huge amount of choice, and complexity, across the markets.

This makes it increasingly difficult for firms to make the right decisions, and quickly deliver suitable solutions.

Typical questions we are asked at Tonic include:

- Should we build or buy?
- Which vendor(s) should we use?
- What is the rest of the market doing?
- What does our target state IT architecture look like?
- What is the impact on our People footprint, and our current business processes?
- What are the cost/benefit outcomes for each target state option?

TONIC Approach

We leverage our full suite of expertise - covering domain, transformation, regulatory and vendors - to accelerate tailored TOM solutions for your firm.


We first find out as much as possible about our clients, via our accelerated Heath Check module. Our Health Check outcomes, combined with our expertise, allow us to shape and deliver the right solutions for you.

No one-size-fits-all. No shortcuts. No delays.

Come speak to us to find out more about our modular TOM services.

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