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Struggling to find the right vendor for you?

At Tonic we know our vendors, and there are a lot of them!

We are uniquely placed to lead vendor objectives for your firm, with benefits that include ensuring the right solutions for your firm, tailored target operating models and accelerated implementation.

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The industry is increasingly reliant on vendors to provide solutions and services which are either too difficult and/or expensive to support in-house. Collateral and post-trade domains are no exception.

This is especially the case since recent and pending regulations, such as Dodd Frank, MIFID, Initial Margin, SFTR and CSDR, have imposed heavy new processes and data requirements onto market players.

As a result, there is now a greater need for firms to choose vendor solutions to achieve their regulatory and cost-driven objectives.

The objectives for each firm will differ, though common examples include:

• The support of a new, regulatory-driven process e.g. SIMM exposure calculations
• The deployment of a pre-trade optimization service to reduce collateral funding impact
• Reducing the total Custody cost base via global Custodian service rationalization
• The cost-driven decision to deploy a Cloud-based platform
• Outsourcing of an operational process to an administrator
• The benchmarking of internal build capabilities to vendor solutions in the same space

But the Vendor Selection and Delivery cycle is long and effort-intensive. There are now often a large number of vendors to choose from, meaning the process can be complex and requiring of relevant expertise.

With key regulations pending and so much vendor choice on the market, it can be difficult to quickly work out which vendor solutions best suit your firm’s bespoke needs.

TONIC Approach

Tonic’s combination of expertise enables us to both accelerate the Vendor delivery cycle and ensure that our clients select and deliver the right solution for them. We focus throughout on minimising the target operating model costs for our clients, once the vendor solution is live.

At Tonic we have a wealth of expertise covering Collateral & Post-Trade vendor solutions.

We work closely with many vendors, meaning we already come armed with a strong understanding of their respective services and set-up. We also have extensive experience in leading successful vendor RFPs and deliveries at Tier 1 banks, smaller banks and buy-side firms, leading all steps in the vendor delivery cycle.

At Tonic we adopt an efficient, proven approach to our Vendor Delivery cycle. We already come armed with the templates we can use to accelerate each stage.

We offer a modular approach to our vendor services. Based on our client's circumstances, we can either support the full Vendor Selection and Delivery cycle, or individual stages as required.

Please contact us on info@thetonicconsultancy.com for an exploratory chat.

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